Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Pro G2 Brushless ESC 160A, 2-3s LiPo


The XeRun XR10 Pro G2 controller has loads of new advanced features and a 32-bit high-performance processor.

Protection against reverse polarity – the XeRun XR10 Pro G2 is equipped with a unique feature that protects the controller from damage caused by reverse polarity. Therefore, it does not matter how many times you swap the battery connections, the controller, motor and the drive battery are protected from damage.

Greater and more accurate adjustment of the PWM function of the throttle and brake. More and finer adjustment possibilities of Turbo In and Decrease Rate, advanced setting for the maximum braking force for stock race with aggressive gear reduction.

Super strong BEC, adjustable from 5.0V -7.4V in 0.1V increments and maximum current load of 10A. Further features in preparation like data log function

Tiempo de procesamiento para este item 48 horas


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